Learn how to attract beautiful women.

After nearly a decade as a mentor in the field of social skills, I take pride in having assisted hundreds of men in their journey towards self-improvement.

This improvement has enabled them to achieve their goals in the realm of dating, relationships, and personal development. These are men just like you.

If you're ready to acquire a genuine set of skills, take action, and achieve your goals, the bootcamp will propel you to the next level of the game.

My programs have been designed from scratch with the aim of rapidly accelerating your learning curve and attaining real results.

Complete the application below and prepare to delve even deeper into the world of male self-improvement.


The gold-standard infield coaching program taught by Anestis himself to thousands of men just like you.

Each 3-day bootcamp is designed to get you talking to girls without effort, learning a framework for game, and getting direct, no-BS guidance directly from Todd.

Massive action combined with instant feedback.

Each program is comprised of both Nightgame and Daygame, as well as inner game and approach anxiety training.

Intense. Real-world. Life-changing. Fill out the application below and get started.

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